The election furor is all over and the results are in.  There has been a lot of turnover in the local elected offices this year.  Ryan Zollman will be our new Sheriff winning with a 268 vote lead over independent Vern Ludwig.  Don Allen racked up 275 votes.  Enough to have cost Vern the position?  We’ll never know.

Michael Robinson ran away with the Prosecuting Attorney spot with a whopping 1429 vote lead over write-in incumbent Myron Gabbert, and voters validated Stacy Swift Dryer’s primary win with a 848 vote lead over Robin James who ran as a write in candidate after loosing the primary in May.

With a brand new Sheriff and a brand new Prosecuting Attorney it will be interesting to see if there are any changes in the handling of cases in and around Adams County over the next four years.

The long rumored alternate route, more commonly known as the “Council Bypass” is becoming a reality, as residents were informed by a direct-mailed pamphlet.  The new route will start at the western curve, going straight, and sweep gradually around to rejoin the current Highway just north of the golf course.  Various improvements are planned for the downtown corridor after which the existing portion of Highway 95 through downtown will be transferred to the City of Council.

Whether this is a safety boon for school children and pedestrians as the ITD claims, or a death knell for a town already finding it difficult to attract travelers to stop is yet to be seen.  Construction is expected to be complete by 2016.

In other news, Under Sheriff Richard Borger has resigned his position as of November 6th 2012, and a rash of one vehicle traffic accidents have left two Meridian residents and one local Council man injured.  We do not believe that these two items are in any way related.