Welcome to The Adams County Record

We are the Adams County Record Newspaper Serving Adams County, Idaho since 1908. Our County includes towns such as Indian Valley, Council and New Meadows, Idaho, Yet are readers can be found not only in the Adams County area, not only in the State of Idaho but all across the Nation!

We range from a 12 page to a 20 page paper, printed every Wednesday by  Homedale’s Owyhee Publishing Company. We have great content in our paper written by the locals, such as History Corner, Pastors Corner, Business Directory, a Classifieds Page, and a Community game called ‘Where is This?’ We always like to hear what our readers want to read so please don’t hesitate to email, drop in or post to our Facebook page

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We also print another paper called the Upper Country News Reporter which covers the news for Cambridge and Midvale, Idaho area.

Our Mission

To produce economically sound newspapers that add to the identity and pride of the community, record the history of the town and its people, and make a difference in the quality of life for the residents and merchants.

The Adams County Record is dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential to a strong community.


By promoting readership of the community’s current events and issues, thereby fostering better citizenship. By promoting readership of local advertising, thereby fostering a healthy economic environment.

By providing a news publication that adheres to high ethical and professional standards and focuses primarily on those events occurring within the circulation area of the newspaper. The Adams County Record will also act as a community forum for opinion, and will give high priority to celebrating the achievements of its readers.

By providing advertisers with a high-readership product, good service, creative advertising layouts, quality printing, and advertising opportunities that generate high return on the investment.