Legal Notices

The Adams County Record is the paper of record for Adams County, Idaho.  We print legal notices weekly on our regular publication day, and post them online in the myPublicNotices collection.

You May View Our Legal Notices Online at:

Submit Legal Notices to:


We encourage you to submit legal notices in digital format, to our e-mail address,  You may paste the legal notice into the body of the e-mail (please clearly delineate where the notice begins and ends so that it is set off from publication instructions).  You may also attach the notice in Rich Text (.rtf), Word Document (.doc), Plain Text (.txt), Open Office (.odt) or (for table matter) Excel (.xls) format.

For maximum compatibility we discourage people from submitting Word 2007 (.docx)  format.  Although we can read these files, they sometimes do not translate correctly.  We also discourage the submission of PDF format files for notices which are meant to be run in non-snapshot format as we often cannot reclaim digital text from PDF documents and are required to retype or heavily reformat them.

Submitting in digital format decreases the turn-around time for your notice, and helps prevent transcription errors.  However, if you cannot submit in digital format, you can mail a hard-copy submissions to our mailing address:

The Adams County Record
ATTN: Legal Publication Department
Council Idaho, 83612

Fax them to us at (208) 253-6801, or drop them by our office at 108 Illinois Ave.

Your e-mail or cover letter should also list:

  • The number of times to run the notice, as well as a start date if you do not want the notice published immediately, or a list of all dates the notice should be inserted.
  • The full name and billing address to which you want the notice billed, if you do not have an account on file.
  • The full name and delivery address to which you want the documentation sent, if you do not have an account on file.
  • Your Fed-Ex number if you want your documentation shipped Fed-Ex.
  • If you wish a proof of the notice before publication.
  • Any other publication instructions.


Deadlines for Legal Notices is Friday at 4:30 p.m. for publication in the following Wednesday’s paper.  We will make exceptions to this deadline at our sole discretion.  If you have a notice which needs to be published but for which you do not have copy (or final approval) please call us by the deadline to make arrangements.


After receiving your legal notice, we will layout the notice and provide a confirmation e-mail including our internal tracking number, dates the notice is scheduled to run, and the total space and calculated charges by week and in total.

If you have not received a confirmation by Monday afternoon, please follow up by phone (208-253-6961) to verify that your notice has been received.  If we have a way to contact you by phone or e-mail we will always provide confirmation, or we will notify you if your notice cannot be run as requested for some reason.  If you have not heard back from us, the most likely cause is that we have not received your notice.


If you request a proof, we will provide a digital proof in Adobe PDF format attached to the confirmation e-mail.  If we have not done business with you before, we will generally send a proof the first time whether requested or not so you can see what your notice will look like when printed.

If you receive a digital proof, we will reserve space for your notice but put a hold on publication until we have heard back from you approving the proof.  You will have until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday to approve or indicate minor typographical corrections to the notice.  Please allow more time if you wish to proof the requested revisions.


Legal Notices are charged by the amount of space they take up on the page. Rates charged for this space is set by the Laws of the State of Idaho (Idaho Statute 60-105), and is by the “pica“.  Current rates are:

  • $.08 per pica for the first insertion
  • $.07 per pica for subsequent insertions
  • $.09 per pica for the first insertion of tabular matter.

Charges are calculated on the entire width of the line including  blank lines in your copy, and are rounded to the nearest 1/2 pica increment.  Table and figure data is charged according to the number of lines of space they occupy.

If a notice includes a mix of line and table data, we will charge the regular line data at the general line rate, and any tabular data at the table rate.

If you provide table and figure data in an image or Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) file or a format which can be readily translated into a camera ready format (such as a print ready Excel file), we can run your notice as a snapshot of your provided data.  In this case, your copy will be sized so that the smallest text is no less then 7 point, and (if possible) the majority of any text falls between 7 and 8 points and you will be charged for the number of lines in our standard format which will fit in the space your notice takes up (not necessarily the number of lines in the notice).  However we will charge the normal $.08 per pica charge for regular matter rather then the $.09 per pica for tabular matter.

We generally bill for legal notices with payment due the 15th of the following calendar month, but we reserve the right to require pre-payment for publication of a legal notice, either before its run commences, or before we will release the documentation to you.  If you have any questions regarding payment arrangements, please contact our accounting department at 208-253-6961.


After the final publication of your notice you will receive an notarized affidavit of publication listing the dates your publication began and ended and the total number of times it was published as well as tear sheets showing your notice as it appeared in print on each week it ran.  You will also receive an invoice for each week the legal was published.

There is no additional charge for the affidavit and a single set of tear sheets as listed above.  Replacement sets or multiple copies delivered to multiple recipients will be charged $5.00 per set.

A single digital tear (delivered by e-mail in Adobe PDF form) may be requested at any time during the run (generally immediately after the first run for your records or to ensure that the run has commenced) for no additional charge.  A digital tear provided every week after publication will be charged as an additional set as above.

Hard Copy documentation is dispatched via USPS first class mail.  If you require faster delivery you may provide a Fed-Ex account number, and we will dispatch the documentation via Fed-Ex. All delivery charges, including any charges for business pickup will be charged to your Fed-Ex account.  By providing your Fed-Ex account number and requesting Fed-Ex service you authorize us to charge the shipment to your account.

You may also issue us a general authorization to use your Fed-Ex account number to mail your documentation, and we will keep it on file to use when requested.

Please Note:  Providing general authorization and your Fed-Ex Account Number does not mean we will mail all your documentation via Fed-Ex, only that we will hold your account number on file so that you do not need to provide it when you request expedited service.  If you wish all documentation to be mailed Fed-Ex every time then please make this clear when providing your authorization.

Errors / Corrections

If you discover an error in your notice after publication has commenced for which we are at fault the error will be corrected and charges for a single run of the notice will be reversed.  We will generally issue a statement of apology for your records at the point we discover or are informed of, and correct the error.

You may choose to re-publish the notice in its corrected form (extending the publication schedule), or continue the publication of the corrected notice according to the original schedule.

If the error was in the insertion schedule, rather then in the published matter, you have the option to revise your insertion schedule to account for the error (in which case you will be charged for the insertions, but we will discount the first insertion by $.01 / pica (effectively charging all insertions at the state mandated “subsequent rate”), or if you would prefer we will reverse charges on all unordered insertions, and insert according to the originally requested schedule and you will be charged only for those insertion you specifically requested.

If the error was on your part, we will be happy to correct the notice and you may choose to continue its scheduled runs uninterrupted with the corrected version, restart the publication sequence, or cancel the notice subject to any legal requirements governing the notice you are publishing. In all cases, you are responsible for the charges for all insertions which have occurred (see Cancellation below).


If you need to cancel a legal notice’s run before its scheduled end date, please notify us by Friday at 4:30 p.m. to avoid being charged for that weeks insertion.  If you cancel a notice which has run at least once, you will still receive the legal documentation for the runs which were completed, and will be billed for those runs.

If your notice has not yet run, we will generally cancel without charge, however if your notice required re-typing or intensive layout, we reserve the right to charge $.01 / pica for regular line content and $.02 / pica for table & figure data formatting and layout charge  (this is the difference between the first run charge, and the subsequent run charge set by the state).


It is our policy to run legal notices exactly as submitted, without correction or modification except for modification to formatting as necessitated by our paper’s printing physicals.  Within the limits of our pre-production system, we will reproduce the layout of your legal notice as received by us as closely as possible, including blank lines, bold, italics and underlined sections, left, right & centered alignment, indentation and decorations such as drawn lines.  We do not reproduce differently sized text, due to the requirements of Idaho code governing the font size of legal notice matter.

In certain instances, at our discretion we will, with your written permission, alter the formatting of certain legal notices to reduce costs we feel are inordinate due to formatting and layout, or to correct minor and obvious typographical errors.

We will only modify formatting with your explicit written permission (an e-mail to the effect constitutes written permission) and we disclaim any liability which might arise from such alterations.  When we alter a notice in any way besides normal layout requirements of our pre-production system, we require that you approve a proof of the notice before publication.

Our legal notices are formatted in 8 point Bookman, fully justified and are boxed with a header reading “Legal Notice” in large type, and a footer consisting of a line and the text “Published in the Adams County Record on” and the dates published.  You are not charged for the space occupied by the box, header or footer, or white space surrounding these elements.  You are charged for white space which appears within the notice.

In some instances, the width and number of columns of your notice may change from week to week, as long as such changes do not change the logical layout.  We do this in order to better utilize our page space.  These change can cause the “look” of your notice to be different on different tear sheets, but never changes the actual content of your notice, or the logical layout reproduction as noted above.

Please note that we cannot assist you with questions about requirements for layout, formatting, the number of times a legal must run, or specific wording, etc. This is considered “legal advice” which we are not in a position to dispense.

If you have any questions as to the requirements for publication of your notice, including any required format, or how many times a notice is required to be published, please contact the appropriate court officials, or retain legal counsel.

If you have any additional questions not covered by this document regarding our policies or processes, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 208-253-6961.